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Consultants for Dental Practices

With over 45 years of combined dental, medical, and managerial experience, we’re a highly skilled team of dental consultants.

We counsel with any practice across the country to help them raise profitability and establish a more successful working environment using a combination of personal on-site visits and sophisticated video conferencing.
We assess our clients’ great professional services and add to them in order to increase patient loyalty and team harmony.
We’ll provide your practice the tools it needs to take full control of its rapidly growing successes and professionalism.
We hold firm in our dedication to helping experienced professionals be more effective in their day-to-day transactions, resulting in great benefits for our clients.

Dental Consultants works to implement key systems

• Positive patient experience
• Treatment presentation and acceptance
• Re-Care and profitable hygiene programs
• Productive scheduling
• Effective marketing
• Increased referrals
• Control of collections and accounts receivable control
• Professional risk reduction
• Employee motivation
• Team building and training
• Retirement and transitions strategies

Innovative Practice Solutions
We give you the tools to evolve your practice into a more profitable operation. By taking the best of what you’re already doing and adding proven systems and methods we help you take your practice to the next level.


Dental Practice Consultant Services

Mentorship Program

Clinical mentoring is intended to provide that experience firsthand and to equip you with the knowledge required to establish a successful, long-term dental practice.

dental hygienist training

Our team of professionals can help your hygienists improve their communication with their patients by providing communication training. Hygienists who are trained feel more fulfilled in their jobs.

Recruitment & Hiring

We will assist you in through the recruiting and hiring process in order to ensure that you discover the ideal employee in the shortest amount of time possible.

dental practice valuations

Whether you’re trying to figure out how much your practice is worth or how much a practice buy-in is worth, our experience can help.

dental practice transitions

Our team of professionals can help you build up a timeline and develop messages for patients and team members.We also help with buy-out contracts

dental insurance training

dental insurance can be difficult to manage but is extremely beneficial when done correctly.Our expert team will work with you to develop strategies and  solutions.

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